• Dreamer | Lithograph | Didier Lourenço

    Dreamer | Lithograph | Didier Lourenço

  • The Green & Gold Kimono - Jamel Akib

    The Green & Gold Kimono - Jamel Akib

  • Didier Lourenço

    Didier Lourenço

  • Jamel Akib - New Paintings

    Jamel Akib - New Paintings

  • Come Sit - The Connor Brothers

    Come Sit - The Connor Brothers

  • Jane Skingley

    Jane Skingley

  • Kristjana S Williams

    Kristjana S Williams

  • Cara Enteles

    Cara Enteles

  • James Lumsden Studio, Edinburgh

    James Lumsden 

    Studio, Edinburgh

  • Jane Skingley

    Jane Skingley

  • Detail of Fran Mora Painting

    Detail of Fran Mora Painting

Contemporary Art

Strange Tracey is a contemporary art gallery and International art advisory service based in the UK. 

Exhibiting artists from across the globe including Fran Mora and Didier Lourenço from Spain, Kilmany-Jo Liversage from South Africa and many American and British Artists. We strive to present works which we feel display our core values of quality and skill.


Discover, own and collect contemporary art from exciting artists from around the world. Explore our online art gallery with artwork for sale that has been expertly vetted by our curators. Buy art online with confidence with free art advisory.
British Art, Spanish Art, American Art, South African Art all available to buy immediately by renowned artists such as Fran Mora, Jamel Akib, Didier Lourenço and Kilmany Jo Liversage.
Buy art and live with your artwork for one week, if it's not for you simply return the painting or artwork to us for a full refund.