Beth Richardson British

Beth graduated in 2008, with a First, from the University of Gloucestershire with BA (Hons) in Fine Art.  Throughout her time in Cheltenham and since graduating, she has been practising as an artist, exhibiting and undertaking commissions across the UK.   Her current work incorporates paintings and sculptures made in response to the nature and physicality of distinctive, found quotidian objects that have ceased to function in their normal way.  She is particularly drawn to objects which have a strong visual history and human connotations; doors, chairs and baths which she sources from builders yards and reclamation sites.  


 “Domestic interiors also become the subject of paintings in which I create psychological spaces and explore the strangely human characteristics the objects reveal both alone and in relation to each other.” 
“I am interested in the area of transitional space between the 2-D, conventional use of painting and the move beyond the floor into amore inclusive, installation space.  Given the liberty to work on several pieces at once I assemble and alter familiar objects to generate new meanings and readings.  The space and nature of the work creates an installation environment, where the individual pieces and even the clutter on the floor can contribute to a whole piece.  This organic development of an environment continues to challenge my pre-conceived boundaries of what I believe constitutes a painting.”

- Beth Richardson