Joanna Charlotte British, b. 1977

Born in Gloucester in 1977, the youngest of three girls. Joanna grew up and was educated in Surrey and it was perhaps these semi-rural locations which engrained in Joanna an ardent love of nature and its profound effect to create stillness and wellbeing. 

Known predominately for her works in oil and her love of working with pure gold and silver leaf, Joanna successfully fuses these luxurious elements with emblems of natural beauty. This has become the hallmark of her work.  There is an endeavour to share the delight of these with the viewer and to draw out an appreciation of the delicacy found in forest and field.  Birds in flight strike a particular chord with Joanna and are the most enduring theme running through her work, the birds are always free, never caged even when bird cages are included in the composition. They have come to symbolise the personal freedom she has found through her art. Gold rings and spirographs translate the religious halo into a modern symbol of wonder.  The influence of Japanese art is evident in her use of blossom and in pared back composition studies.


Joanna regularly exhibits across the UK and internationally has shown in New York, Stockholm and Singapore and in private collections in Germany and India.