Cara Enteles USA

Cara Enteles is best known for her nature, landscape paintings on Aluminum and plexiglas panels. She has developed a unique technique that combines silkscreen printing and oil painting on theses industrial substrates.

The choice of these surfaces is deliberate. The aluminum reflective ground, changes with the light, mimicking the natural world. The acrylic is built up in transparent layers painting on multiple sides to create great depth.

“I am influenced by Turner and the Hudson River school, looking for a modern way to create depth and light in landscape. Working on these surfaces lets the substrate become a more active part of the message.”

 Underlying these seemingly beautiful paintings, Enteles infuses her thoughts on man vs. nature and the conflicts that ensue. “In my mind the trees and plants of the paintings represent nature as a being. They exude power that man continually tries to manipulate”

 Enteles has long been addressing environmental issues that plague our natural world. Oil spills, colony collapse disorder, and fracking are some examples, but she hopes to present it in a positive light. “I aim to be an advocate for nature.”